Madame Butterfly, 1984

These pictures date from one of our very first visits to Buxton Opera House. These days we have come to regard the venue as a second home having returned many times with productions ranging from Aida and The Magic Flute to Faust and Merrie England

Back then, however, we were still coming to terms with the beauty of the place, along with its (deliberately) sloping stage and quite genuine stream running, astonishingly, behind (and occasionally into) the orchestra pit....

Trevor Fearn (Pinkerton) Joan Self (Butterfly)

Jayne Beard (Kate Pinkerton)



Ian Jervis (Goro) Morris Fisher (Sharpless)

Joan Self, David Milne (Sorrow), Morris Fisher


So, where is everybody now?

Morris Fisher is, of course, doing great things as our musical director, and Joan Self, despite leaving the Derby area many years ago, still makes scene stealing guest appearances with us whenever possible. We are always delighted to see her. Trevor Fearn, a lifelong lover of the Savoy Operas, is now a regular performer with the resident company at Grim's Dyke, the former home of WS Gilbert at Harrow Weald. North London. Little David Milne is all grown up and probably in denial that he ever wore a sailor suit, and Jayne Beard - now Jayne Brewster Beard- gave up regular performing to concentrate on an artistic career . Old habits die hard, though, and she still works on publicity for the Company.